Atlanta Yoga Studios for Inner Peace and Strength

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From inner peace to challenging yourself, yoga is a great option to reach your health and wellness goals. Is your goal to make a lifestyle change, find a supportive community to work alongside, or build and strengthen your body without the gym equipment? If so, these Atlanta Yoga studios have you covered and are the perfect place to start. 

Atlanta Yoga Studios for a Gentle Workout

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Be Hot Yoga

This busy world comes with stress and plenty of distractions. The location of Be Hot Yoga is 730 Ponce De Leon Pl NE Atlanta, GA 30306. This yoga studio strives to be where you can go to feel empowered to work on yourself. Their hope is for you to believe in your ability to reach your personal goals without all of the day’s stress and noise distracting you. As Atlanta’s original Bikram-style yoga studio, they provide a supportive and judgment-free space for ALL who enter, no matter your level.

Step away from your smartphones and watches and spend time on YOU through traditional hot yoga. Each class is warmed to a toasty 106° to encourage your muscles to relax and heal. That helps you build and sculpt your muscles as you work through and hold a series of specific poses that focus on stillness and balance. Water and comfortable, breathable clothes will be your best friend through this journey! Sign up for your class on their website.

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{sacred} yoga

Suppose you’re looking for more than just a workout and a yoga journey to enhance your lifestyle. In that case, sacred yoga has two opportunities for you. They genuinely believe in yoga as a lifestyle and aim to help others in their community reach their best self one breath and pose at a time to gain full awareness. Their signature style is a woven art of fluid movements and mindfulness at a breathing pace. This style is called “Creative Power Vinyasa.” Their classes allow you to embrace the whole experience of yoga on your mind, body, and lifestyle.

Classes offered:

  • Flow
  • Mindful Hot
  • Sweat
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Postpartum Yoga
  • Kids
  • Teens

With two locations, your class will be either Sacred Fire in East Atlanta or Sacred Yoga in Summerhill. Find your class and location on their website.

woman in lace lingerie kneeling on a bed Atlanta Yoga

Highland Yoga

Join yoga for inner peace or to change your lifestyle. Some join it to sculpt their bodies and make them stronger. Highland Yoga has 7 locations around Atlanta that offer powerful vinyasa flow classes designed to provide creative challenges to build and empower you. Are you ready to become a part of their positive yoga community and sweat alongside others on a similar journey? You will certainly enjoy the benefits of their inspiring playlists and supportive instructors ready to guide you. Find your location and the perfect class to start building the body you want on their website.

Atlanta Yoga

The beauty of Atlanta Yoga is that it is for everybody regardless of age, shape, and size. It’s a supportive community to build yourself without judgment.

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