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Woman lays on bed of velour in black lingerie med aesthetics miami

Like it or not, time comes for us all. And while many tend to focus on the aesthetic side, the effects of aging on your body can be tough. Skin conditions, varicose veins, and hurting muscles can all take their toll and make each birthday hit a little bit harder. If you’re tired of all the side effects of getting older, it might be time to check out a medspa. Miami has some great spots to get all the treatment you could ever need, but if you’re looking for compassionate care, we think you’re going to love Med Aesthetics Miami

Woman lays on bed of velour in black lingerie med aesthetics miami

About Med Aesthetics Miami

Med Aesthetics Miami was founded over 11 years by Rosanna Bermejo. Her original idea was to create a space focusing on beauty starting within the body. Since then, the center has continued to focus on mind, body, and spirit, the three pillars of well-being. 

Med Aesthetics ensures that their treatments actually work. In a field that can be overrun by overpriced fads, Med Aesthetics continues to provide evidence-based treatments. It gives you the information you need to feel empowered to make the best decisions. This woman-owned business will do what it can to provide you with holistic health care. 

Woman stands on a balcony wearing black lingerie and velour gown med aesthetics miami


Med Aesthetics is known for its state-of-the-art skin and body treatments. Before any treatments, they begin with an assessment to ensure they’re giving you the best care. Rather than focusing on a one-and-done procedure that fades over time, they’ll create a course for holistic care, so you only continue looking and feeling better with age. 

For skincare, they offer a variety of treatments, including: 

  • facials and peels, 
  • dermal rejuvenation, 
  • microneedling, 
  • microcurrent, 
  • laser procedures, and 
  • more. 

They help your body with non-invasive treatments that help with a variety of things, including: 

  • body contouring, 
  • lymphatic drainage, 
  • nail fungus treatments, and 
  • spider vein relief. 

Woman lays on a glass table wearing black lingerie med aesthetics miami


Med Aesthetics is here to improve your well-being however possible. Furthermore, they provide a wellness consultation to determine the most effective action. You can complete this either in the office or online. From there, they’ll use evidence and research to decide what to do next. The consultation will look through your medical and skin history to decide on the best route. 

On top of their life-changing treatments, they sell a variety of quality products to ensure you can continue your care at home and have skin that remains looking fantastic. 

Med Aesthetics Miami

If you’re trying to find a center that offers a variety of care options to help with the effects of aging, you’re going to love Med Aesthetics Miami. With top-of-the-line technology combined with expert care, you will love your results. 

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