Indulge in Time for Yourself at the Biltmore Spa Miami!

woman in lingerie and heels leaning over a chair with the skyline behind her Biltmore Spa Miami

Everyone deserves a spa day. YOU deserve a spa day. Self-care is one of the few things we can control in this crazy world. As things around us get increasingly stressful, taking care of yourself becomes more essential. Try treating yourself to one of the specialized services at Biltmore Spa Miami. Whether you would best benefit from a massage, facial, skin treatment, or IV therapy, their luxury spa is the perfect place to indulge in a little “you” time. Because YOU deserve it. 

About the Biltmore Spa in Miami

The Biltmore spa is part of the iconic Biltmore resort in Miami, Florida. The Biltmore is a beautiful getaway with expansive golf courses, luxury dining, pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and shops. It’s the perfect spot to escape the real world and enjoy life’s finer amenities. 

The spa features an expansive 12,000-square-foot oasis featuring eucalyptus-infused steam rooms and Himalayan salt saunas to help you unwind and relax. There is also a spa boutique. So you can pick up various products to help your vacation (or staycation) continue long after you’ve returned home. 

woman in sheer robe and lingerie leaning against a wall Biltmore Spa Miami


The Biltmore Spa in Miami offers various health and beauty services for you to enjoy. 

Their indulgent massages are designed to help you unwind and relieve tension, but they don’t stop there. The spa has also created a variety of signature treatments to take it a step further. Try their Journey to Guavonia service, named for the guava farm on which the Biltmore currently sits. This consists of a raw sugar cane scrub and a luxurious milk bath soak to help rejuvenate your skin. Or perhaps a Moroccan Purification Ritual is more of what you’re looking for, with a warm hydrating hair mask, full body exfoliation, and shea butter and aloe vera drench. 

woman in lingerie and heels leaning over a chair with the skyline behind her Biltmore Spa Miami

The Biltmore Spa also has a broad selection of facial treatments to keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. Whether you are looking for nourishment, hydration, acne treatment, or anti-aging, there is a facial on the menu. Their specialty Environ skin care treatments are an additional step to preserving the youth and radiance of your skin and will leave you feeling and looking brand new. 

Beauty-wise, the spa offers nail services like manicures and pedicures, hair and makeup services, and brow, lash, and waxing services as well. 

women with a sheer robe leaning against a wall Biltmore Spa Miami


A unique feature of the Biltmore Spa Miami is its IV Therapy Treatments. They offer nine different therapy treatments designed to “boost hydration, energy, or your immune system, enhance mental focus, overall beauty, or weight loss routines, recover or prevent a hangover,” or mix and match. 

Their IV therapies are a sampling of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, and biotin (to name a few.) These help your system bounce back and help your system embark on a journey to hydration and healing. 

Biltmore Spa Miami

Whether you are local to Miami, just dropping into the spa for the day, or planning a vacation at the Biltmore, we highly recommend indulging in something good. Remember – because YOU deserve it. So check out Biltmore Spa Miami today!

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