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There are so many interpretations of boudoir photography.  No one boudoir photographer is the same as the other. If you are thinking about booking a session, you should pour through your potential photographer’s images and you should be able to say about almost all of them: “Oooh I love that.”  You should know your photographer’s boudoir philosophy and you should identify with it completely.  We try to do our best to put it ALL out there for potential clients. It can really be summed up with one quote by Dita Von Teese… “It’s not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womanhood.”   Read on for a more in-depth discussion about Melissa Lynne Couture’s Philosophy…

To elaborate a little more on that:

1. Confidence beats physique any day. 

Insecurity will plague your photos worse than any muffin top, stretch mark, or forehead wrinkle.  We’re not saying that anyone who is insecure should not be photographed….it is our job to make you feel comfortable and to point out how stunning you are.  Seriously, trust us.  We guarantee you will walk out of your shoot feeling 10x more confident than you did when you started.  It’s just a matter of how far into the shoot it is before we crack through your insecurity barrier.  That’s why we assign homework prior to your shoot. On top of asking women to create a secret pin board of boudoir images they’re drawn to, we also ask some questions that might be hard to answer.  The most important being “What do you love about your appearance?”. We don’t ask for your flaws, we don’t ask for what you want to hide. Positive talk only, girl!  Confidence is key.  So get ready to compliment yourself! It’s a requirement!

2. Boudoir is for everybody and every body.

Yup. We said it. The concept of “beauty” is obviously extremely varied from person to person. What we think is beautiful may be completely different than what Vogue thinks is beautiful.  What you think is beautiful may be completely different than what a man thinks is beautiful. We don’t really care what size you are.  We don’t care what your skin looks like. We don’t care if your teeth are perfectly straight and white. It doesn’t matter. If you are a beautiful person on the inside, you will photograph beautifully.  Boudoir is not just for “skinny” girls. It’s not just for 30-somethings. It’s for REAL women. It’s for every woman. While the size 16 woman may be thinking “If I were a size 2, I would be beautiful.”, the size 2 woman may be thinking “If only I had some curves.”.  Us women need to really let go of those insecurities and embrace exactly who we are at this very moment.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving to better ourselves…but that doesn’t always mean changing our bodies.

3. Keep it classic and classy.  

This not every boudoir photographer’s stance, and that’s ok! Every woman has their own style, and every photographer has theirs. It’s important to make a good match.  Us, personally… We believe that you don’t necessarily have to bare it all to create a sexy image. We don’t believe that you necessarily have to be able to master the “come hither”  sexy look or lip bite. Our boudoir style is tasteful, relatively modest, and playful. It’s not Penthouse. It’s just not. We also try to keep our post-processing pretty timeless. Fads come and go, and we want your images to look just as amazing in 20 years as they do today. For that reason we stick to pretty classic editing techniques.

4. Do it for you. {gift-giving is just a bonus} 

You’ll hear us preach this in just about every blog post or conversation you have with us about boudoir.  YES, your beau will LOVE the pictures–so yes, a boudoir album makes an AWESOME gift.  But, beyond the sexy little Valentine’s Day present, doing a boudoir shoot will rake in all kinds of benefits for yourself. It’s an automatic confidence booster. It’s that girly day that every woman needs every now and then. And it’s FUN.  Seriously… a freaking fantastic time!

5. A smile is the sexiest thing you can wear.

Our boudoir style isn’t ALL about the sexing it up. It’s about beauty. It’s about who you are on the inside.  When a woman smiles… and we mean when she REALLY smiles…. you can see into her beautiful soul. SO we welcome authentic smiles in our shoots with open arms.  Don’t worry… we’ll work on your sexy face, too. 😉 

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