The Best Boudoir Outfits for Your Body Type: Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

All women are beautiful!! We truly believe this. Whether you have curves, no curves, butt, or no butt.. YOU are beautiful!! Sometimes the secret to looking your best in photos is finding the best boudoir outfits that fit your body type! As an Atlanta Boudoir Photographer we get a ton of questions about what to wear for your session to make you look your absolute BEST!! Here we share our top tips based on the most common complaints that we get from women and how to enhance your best features!

1. Curvy Bodies

When it comes to our curvy women we always say – BRING ON THE FORM-FITTING ITEMS!!! This could be a stunning lace bodysuit. Or a tight dress. Or nothing at all! When curvy women “cover up”, it often has the complete opposite effect they think it will have! We also pose our more voluptuous ladies during their boudoir session so that you can see your figure and CELEBRATE IT!

2. Flat-Butts

If you have a flatter-booty, don’t worry. We’ve got you too! Thongs! Thongs (and g-strings) tend to make the butt look fuller than full coverage bottoms. We always suggest, for every woman, that you play around in the mirror with your boudoir outfits and different styles to see what you like best! And don’t worry, we’re PROS at creating curves in posing where there aren’t any otherwise! We can get a killer booty shot with any level of curve (or lack thereof).

3. Shorter Legs

High-heels allll day long!! But, let’s leave the church heels at home 😉 Try to avoid heels that are chunky or that have thicker straps. Always opt for thin heels and remember, nude shoes naturally elongate the legs!

4. Thin/No Curves

It’s all in the posing girl! For our thinner ladies we always suggest form-fitting boudoir outfits or nothing at all. These options work great and allow us to pose the heck out of you to make you look and feel bodacious!

5. Small Chest

Listen, small boobs rock!! And, we feel you girl! Underwires and balconettes are lovely! As well as NO BRA AT ALL! Please do not feel the need to create that extra “oomph” unless it is something that really concerns you.

6. “Mom Boobs”

If your breasts are a bit lower or “floppier” than you’d like them to be, just be sure to snag a bra with some support. Or form fitting bodysuits that will keep them at bay. Posing will play a huge role here, and we’re really good at that. So…bring your mom boobs our way and we’ll embrace the hell out of them!

BONUS TIP: One of the best places to shop for some of your boudoir outfits is Amazon! They have a super great variety of options, especially bodysuits and sleep shirts! 😉 Just make sure to read reviews and order items ahead of time to make sure they fit properly and are good quality!

We hope that these few tips will help ten-fold when choosing your gorgeous boudoir outfits for your next session! For even more tips, check out our blog post on Zero Fuss Boudoir Outfits! In this post we put together some badass boudoir outfits that you literally might just have hanging around in your closet!

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