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Boudoir photography has a HUGE taboo around it that tends to scare many women away. And quite frankly, we don’t like it! At Melissa Lynne Couture we firmly believe that boudoir photography doesn’t have to be “raunchy” or over sexualize women in any shape, form, or fashion. Boudoir Sessions should be all about the celebration of you and your sensual, feminine energy!!

Today we are covering some of the top myths about boudoir photography! You know the ones that sound scary and steer women away from doing their own session, and helping you change the way you think about boudoir!

1. You have to be naked to do a boudoir session.

This is absolutely FALSE!! Everyone has their own vision and fantasy of what they want their boudoir photos to look like. As a matter of fact, most women don’t come to us for nude photos. While we do offer Fine Art Nude Photography, its not a must! Each of our clients are different and it’s totally up to them what they want for their session. We work closely with you in planning and tailoring your dream boudoir session to YOU. We photograph women to look classy, elegant, and sexy. Never trashy.

2. Boudoir Photography is only for pretty, young, and super skinny women.

This right here. This is the lie so many women tell themselves. From petite to curvy and women of all ages, even grandmothers! We have proven so many women wrong by capturing their true feminine beauty. It’s time to stop believing the lies and just go for it!! You have nothing to loose and nobody has ever regretted doing it.

3. Boudoir Photography is something you only gift to your partner.

While it is true that many of our clients are brides-to-be planning a boudoir session to surprise their grooms on their wedding day.. It’s definitely not the ONLY reason they book! As we always like to say, Do It For Your 80 Year Old Self! Many women do it for themselves so they can look back 10 to 20 years from now and say “Damn I was hot!!” Whatever your reason for wanting to do a boudoir shoot is we know its meaningful and we would love to celebrate it with you!!

4. Boudoir photography is Very Expensive.

This is not true! There is definitely a boudoir photographer for every budget. Like everything else you buy you get what you pay for. The better the quality, the more it cost. For us we are not just selling you images, we are offering you a full service luxury experience with bespoke products and images! The images we create are only a byproduct of the overall experience you receive. Every session is meant to make you feel alluring and sexy while receiving a full day of treatment where the main focus is on you! We want women to walk away from their experience with a feeling of confidence, empowerment and overall like a badass!!

5. Boudoir photography is something you only do once in your life.

No ma’am!! After you do your first boudoir session you will be HOOKED!! They are seriously so much fun and that boost of confidence you get.. girl, it’s the best! Many women and I mean many come back to us for a second session and even a third!! It’s so addicting because you feel so damn good about yourself and not to mention you have the stunning images to go along with it.

Robe (from our closet): Katharina Hakaj Couture

6. My boudoir photos are going to be all over the internet.

We respect your privacy 1000%. You can guarantee your photos will be on lockdown unless we have your direct written consent to use them. Here at MLC we go a step further and never outsource our retouching so no one has a chance to leak or sell your photos.

We, as women, don’t take the time that we need to indulge in ourselves and enjoy our womanhood. We often feel we are losing ourselves because we have been hanging onto our youth and the way things used to be. Yet, we deserve to these moments to celebrate ourselves and our beauty for absolutely no reason and every reason!! Boudoir photography is meant for those times when you want to self indulge, express yourself, and just love yourself again (or even more)!

If you’re nervous about it but have been thinking about it, don’t worry, every woman is! There’s no time like the present to just dive in head first and DO IT!! You are perfect just the way that you are right now. Not, 15 lbs from now, not 10 years ago, NOW!

So, what are you waiting for? Take that first step and contact us today to inquire about your own boudoir session. There’s no harm in seeing what it’s all about! 🙂

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